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Tweetup: Mountain View Winery

Downtown San Rafael Winery Hosts #marin Tweetup


The Winery
Last Tuesday, Ruben Rocha of RJR Massage organized a Tweetup at Mountain View Winery in Downtown San Rafael (1010 Court Street & Fifth Avenue). Tucked into a mixed-use commercial building, you would probably miss it. It turns out that they have been there since Fall 2011 and they offer both white and red varieties.

They gave us a special deal where we could buy a Mountain View Winery glass for $8. For $8, you can have 3 tastings and get a full glass of what you like. Then with the glass, you can get half off on any other glass of wine. You get to keep the glass, and when you bring it in on Thursday nights, you can get the half-off deal on wine glasses. They have a very interesting Central Coast Cabernet that has cherry and butter notes that is surprising.

Their wine club is quite the deal. For $30 per quarter, you get 4 bottles of wine, which means you get 16 bottles of wine for $120. If you find wines you like, that is a spectacular deal.

Thanks to Ruben Rocha for organizing this fantastic Tweetup.

The #marin Tweetup

Started by Sally Kuhlman, Lissa Rankin, and Peggy Butler in the Summer of 2009,#marin Tweetups provided a way for Marin residents with Twitter accounts to meet up in real life and get to know each other. I remember that Tweetup at the Clear Center. Since then, there have been many Tweetups supporting local restaurants and businesses. We have gone bowling. There was an impromptu Tweetup at Chocolatier Blue, when it was in Strawberry. Many businesses have been terrific to us including Pacific Catch and Fenix Supperclub.

Now a days, you need not have a Twitter account to attend, but there is no guarantee that you won’t be converted to being part of the Twitterati. Meeting in real life, enhances our online relationships and our online connections give us the motivation to see each other. The members of #marin Tweetups support each others projects even though they may come from different disciplines and interests. Over the years, real friendships have blossomed.

Our next Tweetup will be held at the Pacific Catch sometime in April. Check our calendar for details.



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  1. I’m thinking a “flash TweetUp” on Thursday evenings, during Farmer’s Market, might be fun. We might as well get some more use out of our cool MV Winery glass! Thank you.

  2. Hey Ruben,
    That is an excellent idea. Somewhere I have a pink wine glass lanyard I can put to use! When we work out the details we can put it on the Marinmaven calendar. We can meet at the MV Winery at a certain time and head out to the market.

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