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4/26 World Premier of Documentary Focusing on Local Marin Organization

Marinmaven with the director of "On Life's Terms" Sheila Ganz

On Saturday, April 26, there will be a world premier of the documentary film, “On Life’s Terms” a film focusing on local Marin organization, Center Point. The screening starts at 10 am at the Smith Rafael Film Center in downtown San Rafael. Center Point is a Marin organization that allows mother’s with substance abuse issues to go into recovery with ... Read More »

Marin Legal Aid Needs Your Help to Help Others

Courtesy of Marin Legal Aid

Marin County is known for its affluence. It is true that the county has the wealthiest zip codes in the nation, but Marin also have residents who struggle with poverty. When you are poor it is really easy for a minor infraction to get out of hand and lead to a financial hole that is difficult to get out of. ... Read More »

Tweetup: Mountain View Winery

Photo by Ruben Rocha

Downtown San Rafael Winery Hosts #marin Tweetup   The Winery Last Tuesday, Ruben Rocha of RJR Massage organized a Tweetup at Mountain View Winery in Downtown San Rafael (1010 Court Street & Fifth Avenue). Tucked into a mixed-use commercial building, you would probably miss it. It turns out that they have been there since Fall 2011 and they offer both ... Read More »

Ruben’s Marin Moment of Zen


This is a riff off of our “Maven’s Moment of Zen. We decided to open it up to the public to show us their images and share what their favorite Marin County location is and a favorite quote. Plus, we asked for a bio so you can get to know your neighbors. If you would like to participate, send your ... Read More »

Maven’s Faves: Shunzi (Downtown San Rafael)


One of the perils of working in Downtown San Rafael is being a couple of doors down from Shunzi, this clothes boutique that has drawn me to it because of its unique fashion from all over the world. Fortunately (or unfortunately), they have a sale rack that gives you an opportunity to get a piece or two for a significant ... Read More »

Maven’s Faves: Mill Valley Flowers


It is no surprise at all that Mill Valley Flowers has been written up and featured in many magazines, because walking around in Mill Valley I was absolutely stunned and gobsmacked by the beauty of these bouquets. Their “european garden” and “pave” style show a keen artistic eye. Bridal season is coming up, and if I was a bride I ... Read More »

San Francisco International Chocolate Salon


The San Francisco International Chocolate Salon was on Saturday, March 15th at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco. This features Dr. Steve Adler from Sacred Chocolate, a chocolatier in Novato. Check out his magnificent rainbow striped suit and top hat. Sacred Chocolate were delicious and they are all about healing and making you healthy. I felt Sacred Chocolate was ... Read More »

Maven’s Faves: Benefit Marin (Mill Valley)


While I was having a brainfail on 3/11, thinking it was the 3/18 Dishcrawl, I was pulled into Benefit Marin which sells all kinds of cosmetics and where you can have your face beautified in Mill Valley. This warm and inviting place has absolutely friendly and helpful sales folk who are able to make my face look less tired  and ... Read More »

Tuesday’s SF Mission Fire Visible from Marin


Thanks to Melanie Rovens (@melrovens) for sharing her image of the San Francisco Mission fire on Tuesday, March 11th. It was pretty ominous driving down HWY 101 in San Rafael and seeing a column of smoke you know came from across the Gate. This beautiful photo by Melanie is one of the many jaw-dropping photos that came out of a ... Read More »

Living in Twitterville: The Brainfail Edition


What happens when you want it to be a certain day but it doesn’t come fast enough? You proceed as if it was that day and reveal to the world via Twitter that you are having a major brainfail. I actually drove to Mill Valley, got my face done, and was Twittering away until dear @Theosmarin gently tells me AGAIN, ... Read More »

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